With the duet firenight on island tour

 Live mit Angie und Wendell

If you are looking for a duet to play live music on your event, wedding, bithday, company -  celebration or something like that on mallorca. Then Angie and Wendell of Firenight would be pleased about an engagement.


The songs in english, german and spanish

are about many songs in the style of

They offer with powerful enthusiasm:


blues, pop-songs, jazz-standards, waltzs, swing, oldies,

country, irish, boogie-woogie, jive, rock`n`roll even classical

and also from the twenties up to recent and current hits. 







We are glad, if you want to, to help you

with adresses and hints.


suggestions about locations,

catering or event services photographers

or stay-over-night possibilittes.

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